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Let’s shed light on protecting your home, health, and indoor comfort…

Choose purity of natural light.
Without its damaging effects.

​With each new day, sunlight streams into your home bringing your interior space alive with warmth, comfort, and beauty. Yet while you do want its positive effects on your environment, bright sunshine can come at a cost – fading furnishings, artwork, and even flooring over time.

Window films, by HI-CALIBRE GRAPHICS LTD., celebrate everything we love about the sun, while creating a safe, energy-efficient environment that captivates as well as it protects. Your family will enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters, along with the benefits of reduced glare and UV exposure, in a superior window film product that lasts for a lifetime.

Window Film ​Offers Several Comforting Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces energy costs and increases comfort, rejecting heat in the summer while retaining heat in the winter
  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays that not only contribute to fading in furniture, artwork, flooring, and draperies, but can pose a health risk to your family and guests
  • Natural, non-reflective appearance
  • The choice of interior designers worldwide
  • NFRC Certified
  • Backed by a warranty that is literally second to none
  • Reduces annoying glare
  • Solar safety window film options provide additional protection in the event windows shatter from storm or accident​

Learn how to mitigate the sun’s damaging
effects to your health and home by clicking the image.

HI-CALIBRE GRAPHICS LTD. offers a wide selection of window films to protect against the sunlight’s impact on any room in your home. Our mission is to create high performing SOLUTIONS to enhance the aesthetics of your home’s interiors and its comforts. Using our window film, it’s time to stop shielding your family behind drapes and blinds, and open your world to unspoiled views of a day you were meant to enjoy.

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